The family of Pablo Escobar, the late Colombian drug kingpin and leader of the feared Medellin cartel, is working to capitalize on a newer addiction: smartphones.

Esocbar Inc. says it’s releasing an advanced smartphone with a foldable screen. Roberto Escobar Gaviria, the brother of Pablo Escobar, founded the company. (SOUND BITE) (English-dubbed Spanish) ESCOBAR INC. FOUNDER, ROBERTO ESCOBAR GAVIRIA, SAYING: “I’m not new to electronics.

I’m a person that has liked electronics for a long time and we wanted to come out with a phone that was different than all the others in the world.” Swedish entrepreneur Olof Gustafsson is CEO of Escobar Inc. (SOUND BITE) (English) ESCOBAR INC. CEO, OLOF GUSTAFSSON, SAYING: “The best technology in the world is to have a foldable phone right now.

It’s almost like phones with cameras ten years ago, but now there’s a foldable technology so we took this knowledge and a year later we incorporated it into our first product which is the Escobar Fold 1… We are changing things; we are a new Steve Jobs basically. And, we are trying to get some fresh air into this business by bringing the real cost of this products to the consumers, and it’s a big difference. Because of this we don’t have investors, we don’t have limitations.”

The Escobar Fold 1 will operate on Android and cost $349 US dollars in its most basic version. Another version with more memory and RAM will also be released for $499. (SOUND BITE) (English) ESCOBAR INC. CEO, OLOF GUSTAFSSON, SAYING: Our focus is to put the Fold 1 in the whole world, and not just the Fold 1. Our focus is to become a comprehensive technology company similar to Samsung and Apple, just the same but Pablo Escobar.”

The 72-year-old founder of Esocbar Inc. spent 12 years in prison for belonging to the Medellin cartel. He turned himself in to authorities in 1992. His famous brother was killed in December 1993 in a joint Colombia-U.S. operation.

Now, almost 30 years later, he is hoping to use the worldwide fame of the family name to sell smartphones. (SOUND BITE) (English-dubbed Spanish) ESCOBAR INC. FOUNDER, ROBERTO ESCOBAR GAVIRIA, SAYING: “The Escobar-Gaviria brand is now a global brand, it’s a brand that doesn’t need to be promoted, it’s like some sodas, some of the very big companies in the world that already have their brands established.

Those brands will never change. They will always be good because they are innovating so that those coming from behind will never catch up.”