Royole takes handwriting to the next level with the RoWrite Tablet

It comes with two A6 pads of paper, which can be ordered in packs of 10 as well as other accessories from Royole’s site.

RoWrite Tablet
RoWrite Tablet

Royole is no stranger to the tech industry. They are on the forefront of emerging technology.

They have introduced products to several markets, including, Office, consumer electronics, robotics and transportation. Their tag line is “We invent the future”.

Their home page really spells out their ability to be on the forefront of technology with this opening; “Royole creates and manufactures next-generation human-machine interface technologies that improve the way people interact with and perceive their world…….”

One of their recent offerings is called RoWrite. It is a real pen and paper tablet that will sync to it’s app called RoWrite on both the iTunes Store and Google Play.

To set this writing tablet up, was easy as three steps;

· Download/Install the app

· Charge the RoWrite

· Connect it to your device

This, has to be the easiest set up and sync that I have experienced. Once it was charged, the app actually walked you through the whole process. It took less than one minute on either Android or iOS.

And so the writing started. All that you do is write as normal as you would normally. Whether you are a lefty or righty, a light writer or heavy on the pen, it synced perfectly. It takes a video of what you are writing. When you are done, it gives you a choice to save the full movie or a sped up short version. You can then share it or even project it. All of your notes, no matter how short, how small or how intricate will be saved and synched to the cloud.

It comes with two A6 pads of paper, which can be ordered in packs of 10 as well as other accessories from Royole’s site. It also comes with the pen/stylus, a refill and a mini (android style) charging cable.

As a side bar, it does say that you can use aftermarket A6 pads, but you are cautioned, as the top holes and thickness of the pad are made to optimize its use. It took about one hour to be fully charged off of a 2.1 amp outlet. More

Andrew R. Weiner