Samsung And Motorola: Foldable Phones Should Go Bigger, Not Smaller

Keep in mind, the technology behind foldable displays are still in its infancy, so there’s inherent risks with buying a foldable device.

Huawei Mate X Foldable Phone will immediately be obsolete when it launches next month
Huawei Mate X Foldable Phone will immediately be obsolete when it launches next month

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone had a dramatic and delayed launch in 2019, but it eventually made it to the masses and ended up as my favorite phone of the year. We’re barely in 2020, but the next Samsung foldable is coming.


According to a very reliable Chinese leaker who goes by the moniker Ice Universe, Samsung’s recently announced Unpacked event on February 11 in San Francisco will see the unveiling of not just the next Galaxy S flagship—rumored to be named either S11 or S20—but a new foldable phone. And an image of the device has already leaked from China.

This new Samsung foldable, just like the recently introduced Motorola Razr, is a throwback to the clamshell cell phones of the early 2000s, meaning it’s a tiny square-shaped gadget that unfolds vertically to transform into a rectangular slab that’s very similar to modern day smartphones.

I’m not sure this design makes much sense other than evoking warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia for those of us old enough to have used clamshell cell phones.

The reason foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X (which at this time has only been released in very limited batches in China) appeal, in my opinion, is because they solve one of our biggest first world problems: we want as large a screen as possible, without sacrificing portability too much.

The Fold and the Mate X essentially give us just that: a small tablet-sized screen like an iPad Mini, but it folds close to become a shape that our pockets can handle. Maybe it’s because I’m a digital nomad who works remotely often—but the thought of one day writing articles on a laptop-sized screen that can fold down to the size of a small napkin excites me tremendously.

Even now, I have used the Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone as a real working machine when on the road. A few weeks ago, I wrote an entire article using it along with a small foldable bluetooth keyboard. More

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