Samsung could be developing its own blockchain phone

It's trying to put the whole Galaxy on the blockchain

Samsung could be developing its own blockchain phone. By Manuela Miracul
Samsung could be developing its own blockchain phone. By Manuela Miracul

There might be another name joining HTC and Sirin Labs as makers of blockchain smartphones, and it’s one of the world’s largest phone manufacturers, Samsung.

Earlier this week, Samsung submitted three European trademark requests for blockchain-based smartphone features, spotted by Galaxy Club. The three trademarks are named as “Blockchain KeyStore,” “Blockchain key box,” and “Blockchain Core.”

These names obviously leave little to the imagination. The trademarks are potentially alluding to forms of private or public key storage. Perhaps Samsung is working on a form of hardware wallet to be built into its future devices.

Indeed, the trademark documents do state that the trademarks will apply to “Smartphones; Software applications for use with mobile devices; Computer software platforms; Application software”

Sadly though, as these are just trademark requests and not patents, the documents do not go into any further detail. We will have to wait to see exactly how these trademarks are brought to life.

It would seem that Samsung are well aware of the need to securely store cryptocurrency and blockchain encryption keys.

Earlier this year, Samsung claimed that its smartphones had the best security for storing cryptocurrency. Naturally, a number of industry experts disagreed, but it seems now that Samsung are intent on buidling on the functionality of its current devices. More

By Matthew Beedham