Samsung Galaxy F: Everything We Know About the Samsung Folding Phone

The Samsung Folding Phone, most likely called the Samsung Galaxy F, will be unveiled on February 20. Here's what we know so far about Samsung's forthcoming flagship.

Galaxy F Design and Display
Galaxy F Design and Display

We’re getting close to Samsung’s Unpacked Event on Feb. 20, and this year is sure to have at least one major surprise.

In addition to its upcoming lineup of Samsung Galaxy S10 handsets, the tech giant looks like it’s also going launch its first folding smartphone.

Enter the Galaxy F

The Samsung folding smartphone has been in the rumor mill for years, and during that time it has been linked to nearly a dozen different names. But as we get closer to its anticipated announcement, we’re slowly whittling our way down.

At first nod, Samsung Galaxy Fold seems like the frontrunner since the company has incorporated the term “unfolds” into much of its early marketing. Dutch tech site Let’s Go Digital also found a patent for the name filed by Samsung last year. That said, it also describes the chief function of the phone and Samsung Galaxy Fold is a bit of a mouthful.

Last year, the name Samsung Galaxy X also started making the rounds, though it was initially thought to be a gaming phone. In January 2019, Let’s Go Digitalunearthed additional Samsung patents for a folding gaming phone.

And while such a product may be in the pipeline, we don’t believe Samsung’s first folding smartphone will cater to what is a relatively small audience—especially when the company will reportedly market the handset to upwardly mobile men in their 40s.

Right now, our bets are on Samsung Galaxy F. The name first appeared last summer when a Samsung tipster tweeted, “Hello , Galaxy F!” [sic] with no further explanation. Since then the name has continued to pop up, and it fits Samsung’s typical naming convention and makes more sense than everything else we’ve heard so far.

Galaxy F Design and Display

Over the past few months, we’ve snagged a few glimpses of Samsung’s folding flagship. First in November, when Samsung teased the device on its social media accounts just days before showing off a prototype at its annual developer conference.

It made another appearance in early February when GizmoChina discovered a promo video on the Samsung Vietnam YouTube page that appears to have been published by accident. More

By Steven Winkelman