Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Foldable Phone release date, price, specs and leaks (Tom’s Guide)

All the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 news and rumors

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Foldable Phone
Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Foldable Phone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to be the true successor of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

By Richard Priday 

The first Fold was released last year to mixed reviews, although it remains one of Samsung’s most innovative phones to date. 

This year, Samsung has already brought us a more accomplished folding phone model in the form of the Galaxy Z Flip, but we’re also expecting a direct sequel to the Fold in a few months.

This would keep the original book-fold design, but hopefully would also have some major upgrades compared to the first generation. It’ll still likely be a very expensive phone, but hopefully this time Samsung can prove it’s worth the money with new features and a better build quality.

Here’s everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, including its possible price, release date and specs.

Galaxy Fold 2 Foldable release date

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to debut around July or August along with the Galaxy Note 20. 

We and many other smartphone fans around the world are referring to this next phone as the Fold 2, but there’s not been anything conclusive about that name. We know that internally Samsung’s referring to the phone as Project Champ (according to Aju News) or Winner 2 (according to GalaxyClub), but both of those are just code names that will (sadly) not be what the device is called when it goes on sale.

Galaxy Fold 2 Foldable price 

Considering the first Galaxy Fold started at $1,980, we’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to go for a similar premium. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip launched at a much lower price than the Fold at $1,380, but it’s a smaller device with a different feature set. It’s possible that Samsung may try and find a sweet spot between the two for the Fold 2. 

Galaxy Fold 2 Foldable design

From the small description given by Max Weinbach, the Galaxy Fold 2 sounds very handsome. It will apparently have a choice of materials, either an aluminum and glass version or a stainless steel and ceramic version, and be finished off in either blue, silver, gold, pink or black.

On the inside, Samsung included a notch to make room for the internal cameras, but this looks to be changing. Some rumors claim that Samsung will be bringing its “Infinity-O” punch-hole selfie camera design to this phone too, after using it on the Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S20 and Z Flip. Others claim Samsung’s going to use an under-display camera, negating the need for any kind of black space on the screen. Whichever one turns out to be true, it’ll mean there’s even more display space to enjoy than before.

Galaxy Fold 2 Foldable screen size

The Fold has two displays: a 4.6-inch one on the front, and one across the interior that’s 7.3 inches when unfolded. 

The front display will be an “Infinity V-Display”, says Max Weinbach, which is the official name Samsung gives to its water-drop notch designs. You can see how this might look in some unofficial designs, such as this one by Ben Geskin.

It looks quite a bit better than the big bezel design that is on the front of the original Fold, if you ask us.

Max Weinbach, who had an excellent record of leaking information about the Galaxy Z Flip, says that the Fold 2 will be a little larger when opened up, measuring 8 inches across. It will also be made of Samsung’s “ultra-thin glass” that it debuted on the Z Flip. The name is slightly misleading, as the UTG material is actually a glass core coated in plastic, but it should mean it’s still a bit tougher than the Galaxy Fold’s display

Since the Galaxy S20 series has a 120Hz refresh rate across the range, we can hope that Samsung brings this tech to the Fold 2 as well to make its display a true premium experience. More

By Richard Priday