Samsung Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone Review: The Future Of Phones?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: The Future Of Phones?
Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: The Future Of Phones?

Like it or loathe the hype it’s been getting, you cannot ignore the Samsung Galaxy Fold Foldable.

By Tushar Kanwar, Guest Writer

As form factors go, it’s the freshest we’ve seen since the iPhones made candy bar slabs a thing all those years ago, and there’s that visceral sense of excitement and amazement when you a device that effortlessly transforms from a tall, almost Nokia Communicator-esque handset to a 7.3-inch tablet and back again.

Apps instantly go from running on the smaller outer screen to the larger display inside, opening up potential for multitasking and flexibility that single-screened flagships simply cannot match.

Yet, there’s equal part trepidation mixed in here, not just from sticker shock but from the fact that this is the first phone that comes with its own list of dos and don’ts, with Samsung going out of its way to explain how you should treat the Fold and its new flexible display differently (read: extremely carefully) than you would any normal smartphone.

Who is the Samsung Galaxy Fold made for? What’s it like to use as a daily driver? Does it really need to be handled with kid gloves? Where does it fall short? We put the Samsung’s latest greatest through its paces to answer just these questions, in our review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is on sale in a single 512GB storage/ 12GB memory variant in two colours—Space Silver and Cosmos Black—for £,1900. Current customers also receive a set of Galaxy Buds (worth £139), an Aramid Fibre Cover and built-in display protection, as well as a call from a customer service agent will call to run through device care and support availability.

Caveat Emptor

Ahead of the Fold’s initial US launch earlier this year, a number of tech media faced issues with the flexible display on their Galaxy Fold units, forcing Samsung to recall all units and delay the release.

Gone are the noticeable gaps at the top and the bottom of the hinge which were practically an invitation for dirt and dust to make their way inside, and the protective cover for the screen which many mistook for a screen protector is now tucked under the bezels around the screen. More

By Tushar Kanwar, Guest Writer