Samsung Galaxy Foldable Phone Z-Fold

Patent shows Samsung foldable smartphone with one large flexible screen. Device has three screen parts, one folds forward, the other backwards.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Phone Z-Fold
Samsung Galaxy Foldable Phone Z-Fold

Earlier this month LetsGoDigital reported about a unique LG foldable smartphone with a so-called Z-Fold design.

The special thing about this design is that the front screen can be folded in such a way that it becomes part of the main display. Ideal, this creates an extra-large screen when you unfold the device.

However, LG did not opt for one large flexible screen, as there was still a thin bezel between the flexible display and the front display. Competitor Samsung seems to choose for a different approach.

Samsung foldable phone can fold multiple ways

At the end of 2018, Samsung Display filed a design patent with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) for a foldable smartphone, a Z-Fold type that is. Although the patent was already approved at the end of May, it took until 7 August 2019 before the patent was published in the Korean database. A total of 23 sketches are included.

It is a simplistic, but very stylish and multi-functional device. The folding phone is equipped with one large flexible screen with very minimal bezels. Expanded you have a large tablet at your disposal. The smartphone has two folding lines, one screen section you can fold forward, the other you fold backwards. Hence the name “Z-Fold”, you fold the device in the shape of a Z.

Once folded you have a full screen display. As the device features one large flexible screen, the display on the left continues as if it were an edge screen. The other three sides show a small bezel.

However, it is also possible to fold this phone in such a way that the middle screen part becomes the front screen. The other two screen parts are then folded backwards, which means that the device remains extremely compact. If you choose this folding style, then you have an edge screen on both sides and only a narrow bezel on the top and bottom. More