Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable phone leak reveals three big upgrades

Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks amazing in these new renders

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

A new set of awesome new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 renders just leaked online, giving us our best look yet at the highly anticipated upcoming foldable.

By Richard Priday 

These images come from MySmartPrice, (via Ishan Agarwal), who received them from “a trusted source.”

The two colors we can see here, named Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black by Samsung, both really suit the phone. Samsung certainly seems keen on them, as they are offering the same colors on the Galaxy Note 20. 

The phone’s front cover sports a 6.23-inch display, significantly larger than the 4.6-inch external display on the original Galaxy Fold. In order to keep a camera on the front of the phone without needing a huge bezel, the Z Fold 2 uses a punch-hole notch.

From the back, we can see the power button on the side of the phone, which looks to host another capacitive fingerprint sensor. Given the difficulty of making folding phones, it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll see an under-display fingerprint sensor for this device.

The rear camera block looks to contain three sensors and a flash. Other rumors tell us that these cameras will be a 12MP main sensor, a 12MP ultrawide sensor and a 64MP telephoto sensor. That’s the same set of cameras you’d find on the Galaxy S20, which is a solid phone for photos, but not as good as an iPhone 11, or Samsung’s more expensive Galaxy S20 Plus.

Connecting these two halves looks to be a curved hinge, which looks much smoother than the angular hinge on the Galaxy Fold. Since the original Fold struggled to keep debris out of its internal mechanisms, causing significant damage to the phone, it looks like Samsung’s gone some way to fixing this problem with a different hinge design.

Inside the phone, there’s a punch-hole selfie camera on the right side of the display. It’s a little hard to spot, but if anything that’s a good thing. Compared to the huge notch the first Galaxy Fold had, the punch-hole makes the Z Fold 2 look more in line with other modern Android phones.

The bezels of the internal display look to have been shrunk compared to the first Fold also. That’s likely what has allowed Samsung to increase the display from 7.3 inches to 7.7 inches. Samsung is also giving this enlarged display a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, according to rumors.

There is no sign of an S Pen in these renders. Despite some rumors suggesting the Fold 2 could get a Note-style pen, the fact there’s no S Pen visible in these renders seems to confirm that Samsung won’t be offering a stylus with the Z Fold 2. More

By Richard Priday