Korean publication The Bell had claimed last week that the Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone successor could be launched as soon as April next year.


Now, ETNews has come up with a new report that claims Samsung is targeting 6 million foldable phone sales in 2020.

As per the report, Samsung’s confidence in foldable phones has increased, despite the fact that its first foldable phone was delayed multiple times. Samsung’s mobile business division is reportedly working closely with Samsung Display to ensure that the high target can be achieved. However, the report notes that Samsung may have to invest in additional module facilities in Vietnam to be able to increase production of foldable phones.

Needless to say, Samsung has set a highly ambitious target for itself. Market research firm IHS Markit has forecasted the global foldable phone market will only grow to around 3 million next year. DSCC, on the other hand, expects the foldable phone market to expand to 5 million units in 2020.

If the report is to be believed, Samsung has sold 500,000 units of the Galaxy Fold Foldable this year. This means the company will need to sell more than ten times as many foldable phones next year to achieve its target.

Samsung is initially said to have set a target of 10 million foldable phones next year but later decided to revise it downwards to 6 million. As per several reports, Samsung’s next foldable phone will be more affordable than the Galaxy Fold and feature a clamshell design. More

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