Samsung says future will ‘unfold’ in Galaxy S10 ad in Paris

Samsung Electronics has put up an outdoor ad in Paris that says in Korean the future will 'unfold' on February 20, strongly hinting at the launch of a foldable phone at the Galaxy S10 launch

Samsung Galaxy F 2019
Samsung Galaxy F 2019

Samsung has put up an outdoor ad in Paris that strongly hints at the launch of a foldable smartphone at the unveiling of Galaxy S10 next month.

The ad in Place de la Concorde, interestingly, is written in Korean, with the English translation being “unfolding the future” and “February 20.”

The slogans almost make it certain that Samsung will finally unveil its foldable phone on February 20 at the Galaxy S10 unveiling to be held in San Francisco, which it sent invites for last week that also hinted at a foldable model among the offerings.

In November, the South Korean tech giant demoed the folding display that would be on the phone, dubbed Infinity Flex, at the Samsung Developers Conference.

Samsung said the slogan “unfolding the future” showed its dedication to bringing smartphone innovation, but did not comment further.

The company’s mobile boss said it is planning to produce over one million units of the phone when it launches.

Samsung is also expected to launch at least three variations of the Galaxy S10. The mobile business saw profit drops last year due to heated competition from Chinese rivals. 

The company posted its first drop in profits in the fourth quarter in two years due to stagnating demand for its memory chips coupled with the decline in smartphone sales. More

Cho Mu-Hyun |  ZDNET