Samsung Will Cause Problems For Delayed Motorola Razr Foldable Phone In 2020

Samsung’s decision to launch a clamshell shaped foldable phone was always going to be a problem for Motorola, but the Razr’s delayed launch may ultimately prove to be very costly.

motorola razr 2019 shop
motorola razr 2019 shop

Motorola’s decision to delay the 2019 Razr (to meet unexpected demand, it claims) may prove to be costly with Samsung’s next foldable phone lurking on the horizon.

By Jay McGregor

Even without the benefit of sales figures it’s clear to see that the Lenovo-owned company has experienced a bit of a comeback recently thanks to its re-hashed 2004 flip phone, the Razr.

At the very least it has gone from not being part of the broad smartphone conversation to being an almost central figure. Capable phone lines like the Motorola One and Motorola Z rarely factor into the head-to-heads that Samsung, Apple and Google dominate. 

The Razr changes – changed – all of that. Motorola was in a unique position to revive its fortunes with the new flip phone – benefiting from former 2004 glory that never properly waned and a new, exciting technology. Also, the Razr’s clamshell shape is, in my opinion, the best design currently possible for foldable phones. That will change as manufacturers experiment with increasingly bizarre form factors (if the patents are anything to go by) but for now the modern take on an old classic appears to have captured the public’s imagination. 

But the popularity bounce that led to the Razr’s pre-order demand forcing back its release date could well be short lived. Menacingly staring down from atop of the hill is Samsung’s next foldable phone, which is rumoured to launch late February. It also happens to be a clamshell device and, I’m confident, will improve on Motorola’s handset. 

Reviewers – myself included – are yet to test the Razr in any significant way. But, based on specifications alone, we can make some early assumptions. The small 2510mAh battery is supposed to power a 6.2-inch screen (when fully extended), which it may not be able to do for a significant amount of time.

The phone’s camera ability is untested and its Snapdragon 710 processor places it firmly in the mid-range when it comes to performance. More

Jay McGregor

Jay McGregor Senior Contributor Consumer Tech