Samsung’s Galaxy Fold may not launch in June

Fixing the foldable phone's flaws may be taking longer than expected.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold may not launch in June
Samsung's Galaxy Fold may not launch in June

We might not be seeing Samsung’s Galaxy Fold until after June, a pair of Korean outlets reported.

The Korean electronics company found that addressing the foldable phone’s defectshas been slower than expected, anonymous industry sources told Yonhap News and The Korea Herald, even after finding the solutions.

The $1,980 Galaxy Fold was originally meant to come out April 26, but Samsung delayed it after some review units suffered screen breakage, flickering and bulges underneath the screens.

Last week Best Buy said it’ll cancel Galaxy Fold preorders due the lack of a new release date.

Huawei’s problems with US sanctions may take the pressure off Samsung — the Chinese phone maker won’t be able to launch its foldable Mate X in July, an anonymous official told Yonhap.

Samsung didn’t directly address the reports in its statement.

“We plan to announce the release date in the coming weeks,” a Samsung spokesperson wrote in an email. More