Samsung’s Galaxy Z FLIP flies off shelves on the first day

The foldable, flexible or rollable display phones market that is expected to reach 228 million worldwide by 2028.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is going to become a trend setter for the foldable phone market as the South Korean tech giant announced that it had sold out all its stocks of the Z Flip on its launch day on Friday.

By Muzaffar Rizvi/Dubai

Samsung’s coveted foldable flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, received an overwhelming response from discerning mobile enthusiasts in the UAE and sold out completely in one day as buyers thronged major retail stores across the UAE.

“New stocks will be available as early as February 18 across all major retailers, Samsung brand stores, as well as online at,” a statement issued by Samsung said on Saturday.

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer, which had earlier launched the Galaxy Fold and sold nearly half a million units globally, is going to shake the foldable, flexible or rollable display phones market that is expected to reach 228 million worldwide by 2028.

Industry experts said that it is not easy for companies to win new customers for foldable smartphones as this is currently an ultra-premium category with a limited customer base.

“At the moment, foldable phones have a limited customer base, but once the technology gets mature it will definitely get adopted by the masses,” says a mobile enthusiast.

Featuring an industry first foldable glass display, the sophisticated device packs a 6.7-inch display that morphs into a stylish and compact form factor that fits in the palm of your hand. It resonates with modern luxury, and opens up a new decade of foldable mobile innovation.

With its colour palette, sleek rounded corners and forward fold that closes with a gratifying snap, Galaxy Z Flip offers new ways to capture, share and experience content – entirely hands-free. It is designed to offer a powerful new way to multitask, which makes it an ideal device for social-savvy smartphone users.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes with 256 GB internal storage for Dh5,499.00 in two vibrant colours Mirror Black and Mirror Purple.

Abhinav Purohit, principal consultant specialising in Middle East Telecom and ICT industries, said competition in the smartphone industry intensifying every quarter and vendors are continually looking at ways to introduce new products and innovations to stand out. The foldable phones are one just effort.

 “The trend started last year with foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei and the start of this year has seen this only catch momentum with the introduction of the Z Flip. However, the take up of the foldable phone is expected to increase in the coming two to three years as more vendors will launch foldable devices in mid-range segment,” Purohit said.

 “From the applicability perspective the foldable devices are expected to deliver an enhanced experience for a few service categories such as primarily gaming and video viewing – both of which benefit from a bigger screen. Another key area of use will be the business and enterprise users – leveraging the split or multi screen environment for carrying out business tasks such as work e-mails and related enterprise applications,” he said.

– Muzaffar Rizvi/Dubai