Samsung’s next foldable will allegedly be the ‘Galaxy Z Flip’ which debuts alongside S20

galaxy z flip shop
galaxy z flip shop

We’re full steam ahead on leaks of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone and this weekend, some logos have leaked to help confirm Samsung’s branding.

Update: In a later tweetIce confirms that this is a self-made logo for both devices, but his information regarding the names still helps to clarify Samsung’s branding plans.

The article as follows has been updated to reflect this information.

Here are supposed logos for the Galaxy S20 and the “Galaxy Z Flip” foldable device.

Ice Universe, a Samsung leaker with a decent, but not perfect track record for this sort of thing, posted two self-made logos for the Galaxy S20 and the company’s next foldable too.

At this point, it’s not a surprise that the next Samsung flagship will be called “Galaxy S20,” but this additional confirmation is much appreciated.

That name was all but confirmed earlier this month too when information from closed-door CES meetings leaked out where Samsung’s management apparently mentioned the Galaxy S20 by name. For some time before, it was expected that the device would follow numerically after the Galaxy S10.

With that confirmed, let’s move on to the bigger news of the day. It’s been no secret that Samsung is working on a clamshell-style foldable Android smartphone, and now we might have a name. Apparently, “Galaxy Z Flip” will be the name of the device we’ve been referring to mostly as the “Galaxy Fold 2.”

It was reported widely that this device would be called “Galaxy Bloom,” but that name is almost certainly an internal codename and not the marketing name. While “Galaxy Z Flip” is a bit out of left field, it feels more likely to be the real name at least in some regions. More

By Ben Schoon