The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X represent the first wave of foldable phones, offering drastically different takes on the formula.

By Hadlee Simons

But the one thing these two devices have in common is that they both use two smaller batteries instead of one large one due to their foldable nature. Fortunately, researchers at ETH Zurich have demonstrated a foldable battery that could power future foldable phones and wearables.

The new battery can be folded, twisted, and stretched without interrupting the supply of power, according to the research team.

“The two current collectors for the anode and the cathode consist of bendable polymer composite that contains electrically conductive carbon and that also serves as the outer shell,” reads an explanation by the university.

“On the interior surface of the composite, the researchers applied a thin layer of micron-sized silver flakes. Due to the way the flakes overlap like roof tiles, they don’t lose contact with one another when the elastomer is stretched.” More


Hadlee Simons