Huawei’s Mate X is currently the most expensive foldable phone available.

The new device has all the big features that people have wanted to see on a foldable phone. But its price and limited release have made it a difficult buy for some.

I say some because the foldable phone appears to have caught the interest of a number of people, even if it is going for nearly three times its price. The Mate X was released in China earlier this month but the company has only made the phone available through a few sales.

The phone reportedly sold out quick during its first sale. Gizmochina reports that the phone has sold out in all three sales in China. Huawei hasn’t really said anything about the units available for each of its sales but it appears that they have not been enough.

The short supply isn’t exactly a surprise since other foldable phones have seen limited releases. But in China, the interest for the Mate X appears to be reaching new levels. According to reports, the foldable phone is being resold for nearly three times its price.

This means that people are buying the phone for more than $7,000. The Mate X is already an expensive phone. The device launched with a price of $2,400 in China. $2,400 for a phone is too much for some but there appears to be serious interest for the device if people are paying more than $7,000.

This is crazy considering that this is the first generation of the foldable phone. Foldable technology has shown that it is still in early stages so spending thousands and thousands of dollars for a phone that could see new variants in the near future is a bit shocking.

This isn’t the first time that people spend crazy amounts of money for a foldable device. Just a few weeks back, there were reports that the Galaxy Fold was also being resold. Samsung’s first foldable phone saw a limited release in South Korea. The limited release came through a pre-order process.

Reports revealed at the time that people were buying the foldable device for as much as $4,000. The Galaxy Fold Foldable has a price of $1,980, making it the second most expensive foldable phone available now.

This will probably continue, especially with all the big releases coming in December and in early 2020. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha, which has a screen that wraps around most of the device, is said to be coming next month. The phone looks quite impressive but there will likely be some serious interest early on, making it a candidate to go for insane prices from resellers.

Motorola has also brought back the Razr, this time with a foldable design. The foldable device is going up for pre-orders next month and will be released in early 2020. The first Razr was a hot seller and its return will likely draw interest from those who want to have the new edition. Its price is also among the lowest when it comes to the foldable phone category so it is expected to sell well.

Foldable phones had a troubled start in 2019 but there appears to be a crowd that wants these phones, no matter how much they are being sold or resold for. More

By Sean Farlow