Despite some concerns, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 looks stunning and it is going to give Apple’s surprisingly ugly new iPhones a run for their money.

But elsewhere, Samsung is blowing it. 

Speaking to the Korean Herald, a Samsung official has confessed that the company is nowhere near to resolving the problems which made it pull the radical Galaxy Fold from sale in April. “Nothing has progressed since the April delay,” the official explained, something which must call the future of the device into question.

Furthermore, it’s a startling revelation coming after the company previously claimed the radical screen-folding smartphone would be on sale before the end of May. There was then silence, until now.

All of which adds another sad chapter to the story of what should’ve been an inspirational device. While the jokes have already started, the reality is the news is bad for everyone, regardless of which brand you prefer.

Had Samsung hit a home run, the Galaxy Fold would’ve proved an inspiration for every manufacturer to step up and fast track this futuristic form factor.

Instead, fear is now spreading (Huawei just delayed its folding Mate X) and it is likely that this game-changing form factor has suffered a setback that will be felt for years to come. No-one expects first generation devices to be perfect, but they have to start somewhere and, right now, there’s no telling when they will come again.

So, unless Samsung dramatically ups its game, it looks like the big expectation will fall on Apple.

The company has made it abundantly clearthat it is working on a folding iPhone but the timescale is unknown. Samsung does still have exciting smartphones to come this year (including the striking Note 10) but there’s nothing remotely interesting enough to fill that unique Galaxy Fold-shaped void. More


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Gordon Kelly

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