TechRadar Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone review

Samsung's first foldable phone is in-hand – again

Samsung's first foldable phone is in-hand – again
Samsung's first foldable phone is in-hand – again

Update: We’ve gotten more hands-on time with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and we’ll be adding to our early impressions of this smartphone of the future.

By Matt SwiderJohn McCannJames Peckham 


The Samsung Galaxy Fold ushers in an exciting new mobile form factor. It may have its negatives, which for some will be a deal-breaker, but if you like getting your hands on cutting-edge technology the Fold should be top of your list.


  • Supremely cool form factor
  • Great display with HDR10+
  • Six cameras (yes, SIX!)


  • Huge price
  • No headphone jack or microSD port
  • Noticeable crease in large screen

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is by far the most exciting smartphone of 2019. It’s been an instant head-turner as we’ve tested it out in public, and most people don’t know or care about its five-month delay due to reliability issues.

This is the first major foldable smartphone, and it’s officially available in the US this Friday, September 27, after having launched in the UK on September 18 and Korea on September 6. It’s launching worldwide, but it’s not for everyone, as it’s still incredibly expensive.

What do Galaxy Fold early adopters get for twice the price of the new iPhone 11? The chance to own the future of smartphones and tablets, with a 2-in-1 design that just makes sense – if the bendable screen technology holds up. More

By Matt SwiderJohn McCannJames Peckham