TechRadar: LG V60 ThinQ review

The LG V60 brings flagship multi-screens to the masses


By David Lumb

The LG V60 is the most refined flagship we’ve seen from LG, and with its free Dual Screen peripheral/case, 5G connectivity, and good specs, the phone stands out from its rivals. But its extra display space is clunkier in execution than foldables out there, leaving it more appealing to niche consumers. Still, as one of the more affordable 5G phones out there, the LG V60 has appeal for the average consumer, even if it doesn’t outperform other flagships.


  • Dual Screen is great affordable extra display
  • Affordable 5G
  • 3.5mm jack


  • Not the highest-tier flagship specs
  • Unimpressive cameras
  • Lack of dual-screen app support

Two-minute review

LG’s flagship V series of phones has traditionally been content to mimic the features, but not the extensive flash, of other leading flagship devices. That’s changed with the LG V60, which has more style, and some unique features to help it stand apart from the crowd.

Whether those perks are enough to give it the edge over the best phones on the market is more a matter of personal taste than a specs comparison. The LG V60 is a decent flagship in its own right, but the detachable Dual Screen paired with it is a novel accessory that may seriously appeal to the multitaskers, gamers, and screen fiends of the world. 

For these users, the LG V60 meets a need for more screen space at a relatively affordable price, although there are compromises compared to the seamless screens on foldable phones. Go in with measured expectations, though, and the V60 is a capable phone that’s great for enjoying media.

Despite note having quite the highest specs, the V60’s Snapdragon 865 and 8GB of RAM with a 5,000mAh battery ensured we were watching media for quite awhile without any slowdown, even while we were engaging the other display. Just don’t plan on taking a lot of distance photos, as the phone lacks a telephoto lens; instead, keep the shots close, as well as the video, as the V60 can record in 8K at 24fps with four microphones to catch surround-sound audio.

The V60 is also one of the more affordable 5G phones thus far. This year’s crop of flagship Android handsets packing Snapdragon 865 chipsets bring with them connectivity to the next-gen networks – and a comparative price bump. While the V60 misses out on a few of the nicer perks of the comparably-sized Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (12GB of RAM, triple rear cameras), it’s also notably cheaper. 

Overall, the V60 packs enough perks to differentiate itself from the competition, but not quite stand out: not everyone is going to want a Dual Screen, although they might like the idea of 8K video, or 5G at a lower price. More

By David Lumb