TechRadar: Love binging Netflix? Why the LG V60 may be for you

Two words: Dual Screen

The LG V60 is an impressive flagship smartphone that’s different from the pack for one reason: it’s got two screens.

By David Lumb

Technically the second one comes within the Dual Screen case, but considering the accessory comes free with every V60, it’s part of the experience – and transforms the handset into one of the best media-watching phones on the market.

Full disclosure: I am the kind of person to burn through entire seasons of shows watching on my phone while washing dishes, cooking dinner, or relaxing on my building’s roof. Recommending the LG V60 is for folks who similarly binge media while they wander, but I totally understand folks who can only watch on larger displays. Those folks might want to check our best tablet or best TV guides.

For the rest of us small-screen reprobates, watching media on phones is a scrappy experience: either you deal with leaning over while your handset is lying flat on a surface, or awkwardly prop it up to stand at an angle. Thanks to ever-thinner bodies and sleek glass backs, phones easily slip off their perched positions and could be in danger of falling, or worse

Sure, you could buy a phone case with a kickstand or a tripod, but not everyone will go to such lengths. If you don’t want to spend a dime, large power blocks for high-wattage phones or laptop chargers are usually dense enough to prop your phone against. 

But for the rest of us who just want a no-frills smartphone media-watching experience, the LG V60 is the right phone for the job. And yes, it’s more than just for the Dual Screen.

Screen real estate, battery, and multitasking

The LG V60 is a flagship smartphone, so specs-wise, it’s a capable phone that can pretty much handle what you ask of it. Basic tasks, from gaming to prolonged media binges, are no problem, and you can get plenty of episodes in with the phone’s 5,000mAh battery.

The LG V60’s FHD+ (2460 x 1080) display isn’t quite as sharp as the WQHD+ screens on the Samsung Galaxy S20 line, but that doesn’t really matter – the vast majority of content you’ll be streaming on Netflix or elsewhere don’t exceed this resolution. At 6.8 inches, the V60’s screen is more or less as big as you’ll get outside of an unfurled foldable phone or a tablet. 

In any case, you’ll probably be watching on the Dual Screen anyway, which has a display identical to the V60 – but, of course, you can pivot it up and down to your desired angle. Heck, you can even ‘tent’ the phone by rotating the Dual Screen around in a similar way to a 2-in-1 laptop. It’s not difficult to plant the phone and tilt the screen to your desired angle. More

By David Lumb