The 10 Biggest CES 2019 Rumors

With CES 2019 fast approaching, CRN looks at some of the biggest products that will reportedly be launched at the show.

The 10 Biggest CES 2019 Rumors
The 10 Biggest CES 2019 Rumors

LG foldable smartphone

Foldable smartphones may become one of the standout mobile trends of 2019, with several manufacturers officially stating they’re working on such devices for the coming year. LG has no intention of missing out. Here’s what we know about LG’s folding smartphone so far.

When will the LG foldable smartphone be revealed? When rumors about it began to really gather steam, there was talk of the phone being announced — or at least shown — during a presentation at next year’s CES technology show in Las Vegas; but this is now in doubt. In a tweet, mobile leaker Evan Blass had said, “LG plans to unveil a foldable phone at its 2019 CES keynote,” but Blass has since stated the chance of this happening has fallen considerably.

The new information, tweeted on December 17, said, “The likelihood of LG showing that foldable at CES has plummeted,” indicating LG’s plans for the show are still being finalized.

When the news first broke about the possibility of a flexible LG smartphone at CES 2019, Digital Trends spoke to Ken Hong, LG’s head of global corporate communications, to get an official response. He said “LG’s policy is not to comment on rumors and speculation,” but when pushed on the subject, he hesitated and added, “Anything is possible at CES.”

If and when it does arrive, what will it be called? LG has several trademarks that may be suitable, including the LG Flex, the LG Foldi, and the LG Duplex. The LG Bendi has also been trademarked, and would seem appropriate for a folding smartphone. More

By Kyle Alspach, Dylan Martin