The best Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP features that you need to try first (CNET)

What to do first? Try this mix of Android settings and features exclusive to Samsung's newest foldable phone.

On Friday, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone went on sale just days after it was formally announced at the Samsung Unpacked Event in San Francisco.

By Patrick Holland

It comes out a week after the Motorola Razr — another foldable-screen clamshell phone — hit stores. The Razr and Galaxy Z Flip have a lot in common, but they’re also very different phones. Together they represent some of the biggest design changes to hit phones in years.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a shiny new Galaxy Z Flip, there are a lot of amazing features to explore, like the tiny 1.1-inch pill-shaped external display and Flex Mode. But there are a few Android 10 settings you can change to optimize the Z Flip even more, especially for better one-handed use.

Take a second to wipe the smudges off your Galaxy Z Flip, then take a moment to try these features. More