With the half-phone, half-tablet nearly upon us, here’s a complete guide to the Samsung Galaxy X release date, price, and all the latest news and rumours.

A SMARTPHONE revolution is coming: the Samsung folding phone is now just a few days away.
A SMARTPHONE revolution is coming: the Samsung folding phone is now just a few days away.

Samsung Galaxy X – what is the Samsung folding smartphone?

For years, Samsung has been teasing its work on a folding smartphone.

The idea is that you can own a large tablet-sized device, which then folds in half and becomes pocketable.

While folded, you’d be able to use the gadget as a normal smartphone – effectively giving you two devices in one.

Samsung officially announced the device during a press conference in November 2018, holding up a shadowy gadget in a dark room.

Sadly, Samsung failed to provide a clear picture of the device, give any details about it, or even name it.

Most rumours suggest it will be called the Samsung Galaxy X or Samsung Galaxy F, and even Samsung Galaxy Flex has been suggested – but we simply don’t know.

Samsung folding smartphone release date – when is the Galaxy X out?

A new Samsung billboard in Paris reads “The future unfolds – February 20” in Hangeul, the South Korean alphabet

Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed the launch date for the Galaxy X.

However, Samsung is hosting a major press event in San Francisco and London next month.

It’ll take place on February 20, and will be live-streamed for Brits at 7pm.

It’s generally expected that the Samsung Galaxy S10 – a more traditional smartphone – will be announced at the event.

But there’s growing certainty that the Samsung folding phone will also be on show.

The biggest evidence for this is a recently erected Samsung billboard in Paris that reads “The future unfolds – February 20” – if that’s not a guarantee, what is?

Samsung folding smartphone specs and features

The handset is supposed to bridge the gap between smartphones and tablets, and could revolutionise mobile design forever.

The technology is described as an Infinity Flex Display – in the form of a tablet that packs down to smartphone size.

It’s got a large 7.3-inch screen (as rumoured) that’s nearly an inch bigger than the heftiest Apple handset, the iPhone XS Max.

And up to three separate apps will be able to run simultaneously.

Sadly that’s about all we know until Samsung makes an official announcement. More

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