The Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone was ruined by rumor culture and you’re to blame

The Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone
The Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone

If you don’t quite remember what was happening on April 26 of this year, I don’t blame you — it was a pretty long time ago. To jog your memory, it was Arbor Day, National Pretzel Day, Good Friday and the end of Passover.×0/filters:gifv()/2019/03/30/4facad00-d7d3-4ea8-8fcf-ff9f6ed22cca/airpower-charging-fix.gif

Avengers: Endgame opened in theaters. Joe Biden announced his candidacy for president and Taylor Swift released her single ME! The hyped-up Galaxy Fold was supposed to go on sale that day. But after some journalists discovered problems with the phone’s folding screen in their pre-production models, Samsung delayed its launch.

Samsung was wise to do this because it would have been a disaster if consumers got their hands on the Galaxy Fold before it was ready. I would be angry and frustrated had I paid $1,980 for a phone only to have it break a couple of weeks later.

All in all, it took Samsung three months to fix and improve the Fold. To be exact it was 89 days from when it was supposed to go on sale to when Samsung announced that consumers will be able to get one sometime in September.

But the Galaxy Fold wasn’t the only gadget to be rescinded by a major company this year. On March 29, about a month before Samsung delayed the Fold, Apple put the kibosh on its much hyped AirPower wireless charging mat.

Apple first teased the charging pad during the launch of the iPhone X all the way back in September 2017 and slated it to go on sale by the end of 2018. But that didn’t happen and the company decided to cancel the product altogether.

For a company known for its meticulousness, the media was quick to describe this blunder as “embarrassing” and “unprecedented.” Even CNET identified the incident as one of Apple’s worst failures of all time”. More