The inside of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is marvelously messy

These photos offer up a glimpse into the Galaxy Fold, but there are still more questions than answers. We don’t know the teardown methodology, so it’s tough to know exactly what each component is responsible for, and how difficult this phone will actually be to repair.

The inside of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is marvelously messy
The inside of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is marvelously messy

The Samsung Galaxy Fold doesn’t release until April 26th, but if you’ve been eagerly awaiting a glimpse under the hood, a pre-production version of the folding phone has already been disassembled and laid out piece by piece in photos.

These were originally hosted on microblogging site Weibo, though the originals have since been removed.

Something that shouldn’t be much of a surprise: it takes a lot of parts to build a foldable phone. They’re all arranged in a manner that looks quite difficult to repair, though that likely comes down to the Fold being a first-generation product, which you might not guess when you’re holding the Fold’s sleek exterior.

These photos are our clearest look yet at what makes this ambitious, flawed, and very expensive phone tick. But we expect more detailed teardowns to come soon.


The hinge is the heart of the Fold that helps its 7.3-inch foldable screen unfold and keeps it safe. It looks pretty sturdy from the inside, and we can see it’s reinforced at three points, perhaps to keep it from collapsing in the event of a fall.

Several photos above show two ribbon cables routed through the hinge, presumably to drive both the large, foldable screen and the smaller 4.6-inch display on its front, and perhaps also to send power to the phone’s second battery (yes, there are two) when it’s on a charger.

Speaking of the batteries, one of them has “TBD mAh” of capacity listed, indicating that this is likely a pre-production unit. More

Cameron Faulkner@camfaulkner