This could be our first look at LG’s rollable smartphone

At CES 2021 on Monday, via Android Authority, the company gave us a better glimpse at what it’s calling the LG Rollable.

The foldable phone is becoming a more prominent part of the smartphone conversation. But we may soon start seeing what comes after. LG has once again teased its rollable smartphone, a device that we could see arrive sometime later this year.

At CES 2021 on Monday, via Android Authority, the company gave us a better glimpse at what it’s calling the LG Rollable. According to LG, the rollable smartphone features a “unique resizable screen” that is capable of transforming. In the video, you can see how the LG Rollable seamlessly expands from a smartphone into a tablet.

LG’s rollable smartphone is currently in the concept stage, so nothing has been finalized. But LG seemingly feels confident enough to show the device off. The concept is part of LG’s “Explorer Project,” which aims to deliver devices that are distinctive and feature “unexplored usability experiences.” The LG Wing, which features a swiveling main display, was the first smartphone as part of the Explorer Project.

Last year, reports out of South Korea claimed LG would release a smartphone with a rollable display this March, which suggests that LG’s rollable smartphone concept is nearly finalized. While we’re intrigued by LG’s latest concept, we have a lot of questions about how it works.

Do you press a button to switch between phone and tablet modes? How does it affect battery life? What’s the warranty like on a rollable smartphone? How much will the LG’s rollable smartphone cost?

These questions and many others will hopefully be answered later this year when/if the LG Rollable makes it to market. LG isn’t the only company to be exploring the possibility of a rollable smartphone; TCL and OPPO have also shown off rollable phone concepts. But based on what was shown off today, LG certainly looks like it’s the closest to making rollable phones a reality. More

By Brandon Russell