Is this the first ever foldable phone deal? Buy one Motorola Razr, get another free

Time to buy a folding phone?

Motorola Razr shop
Motorola Razr shop

Foldable phones are expensive pieces of tech, partly because they’re fairly new and partly because they’re packed full of tech to facilitate the bending.

But we’ve just seen what is perhaps the first ever foldable phone deal, on the Motorola Razr, saving you huge amounts of money.

If you go to the Motorola website and buy a Motorola Razr, you can get a second one free, saving you the $1,499 / £1,499 / AU2,699 it would normally cost for this other phone. That’s a buy-one-get-one-free (BOGOF), which you barely see for any smartphone, let alone a really pricey one.

It seems for now this deal is only available in the US, but it’s possible over time it will be available in other regions too. The deal ends on May 10, or earlier if stock runs out.

What does this deal mean for the Motorola Razr?

As previously stated, BOGOF deals on phones are rare, let alone super-pricey ones, so it seems the company is trying really hard to offload its stock of the phone.

It’s possible this means a Motorola Razr 2 is on the way, and the company is looking to get rid of its first-gen devices before a newer, better device is announced.

However it’s also possible that the company has had a hard time selling Motorola Razr devices – we only gave the foldable phone two and a half stars in our review, and between the high price, carrier exclusivity in most regions, the ongoing coronavirus situation, and the existence of the more affordable and higher-spec Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, it’s possible the company has been having a hard time selling the phones.

Maybe with the new BOGOF deal, more people will be inclined to buy the Motorola Razr, since it’s technically half price if you buy two. Or maybe the issues above will still hold people back, despite the lower cost. More

By Tom Bedford