Troubled Galaxy Fold Could Finally Launch in July

Samsung's Galaxy Fold is one step closer to its launch, according to a new report.

Troubled Galaxy Fold Could Finally Launch in July
Troubled Galaxy Fold Could Finally Launch in July

Samsung will be holding a press conference later this month and launch the Galaxy Fold in July, a report from South Korean outlet Newstomato claims.

At that press conference, Samsung is expected to discuss what happened the first time around with the Galaxy Fold. It’ll also dig into the changes it’s made to the new version, according to SamMobile, which earlier reported on the South Korea report.

There’s no mention of an exact release date in the latest report, and as with anything Galaxy Fold-related, it’s possible things could change. However, we have heard in other recent reports that Samsung is getting closer to a launch and could make the Galaxy Fold available sometime this summer. A July launch with a press conference later this month, therefore, seems reasonable.

Samsung had hoped to get the Galaxy Fold on store shelves earlier this year, but discovered problems in the foldable smartphone’s design after reviewers started to use it. In some cases, those reviewers removed a protective film on the Galaxy Fold’s screen that caused damage to the display.

They also found that the gap between the hinge and the screen was too large and allowed debris to get behind the display. When that happened, the screen would flicker and in some cases, be rendered useless.

According to several reports out of South Korea, Samsung has worked to change the placement of the protective film, so it cannot be removed. The company has also slimmed down the gap behind the display to reduce chances of debris slipping in, according to reports.

But whether that will be enough to allay customer fears and get those customers to pay $1,980 for a new smartphone remains to be seen.

And whether Samsung will actually launch the Galaxy Fold in July is similarly up in the air. We’ve heard reports of an earlier launch before that didn’t pan out. It’s possible, though unconfirmed, that it could happen again. More

By Don Reisinger