Video: The iPhone 11 is getting real!

A new video shows a real-life look at what Apple's 2019 iPhone will look like, based on all the rumors.

The iPhone 11 is getting real!
The iPhone 11 is getting real!

The latest iPhone 11 rumors are coming to life with more details about the controversial camera bump, thanks to a new video from Unbox Therapy.

In this week’s Apple Core roundup, we also have more clues about what might be in store in the 2020 iPhone and some bad news about Apple’s rumored augmented-reality glasses. Also, Apple celebrated World Emoji day this week with a sneak peek of new emojis coming to your iPhone in iOS 13. 

An iPhone 11 clone in the flesh

The iPhone 11 mock-ups seem to be getting more realistic as we inch closer to Apple’s next launch event in September. This week, Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy posted a video in which he shows a real-life representation of what the iPhone 11 will look like based on all the rumors we’ve seen so far: a three-camera array on the back and a similar design to the previous XS models. We’ve seen a lot of 3D mock-ups of the iPhone 11 with the same traits, but this one is strikingly real.

In the video we see the new mock-up next to some of the earlier renders to point out why this particular model is a more-accurate representation of the rumors. The most noticeable difference between this mock-up and the current iPhone is the square camera bump, which lies almost flush against the back of the phone. It looks slimmer than the bump on the existing XS. Image sensors are also larger than on the XS or what we’ve seen from earlier renders, which make the square bump larger.

Hilsenteger also points out the new circular mute switch on the side of the phone, which moves up and down like on an iPad, instead of side to side and larger FaceID sensors on the front of the phone. 

Apple has not yet sent out official invitations to its next launch event where we expect to see a new iPhone announcement.  Based on previous timing, this year it will likely fall during the week of Sept. 9. 

More rumors about the 2020 iPhone 

But if the iPhone 11 mock-ups don’t do it for you, there’s always next year’s model. Rumors about the 2020 iPhone have continued to flood the internet despite the fact that it’s over a year away. More