Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha made an impressive entry with its 180° curved display.

The company behind Mi Mix Alpha called Visionox is taking it a step further as it displayed two prototypes at the First World Conference on Display Industry in China. It showcased a rollable OLED panel and a foldable clamshell smartphone similar to Motorola Razr that was released recently.

Talking about the clamshell phone first, it resembles much like Motorola Razr although it has some striking differences. First of all, it is a proper phone rather than a flip phone and thus, has a normal notched display that can be folded into half in the middle. Furthermore, the phone has a 6.47-inch full-fledged display on-cell technology with a bit of bend even when unfolded which is Visionox’s way of combating any creases as it confirmed during the event.

The phone doesn’t have a secondary display at the back which means you will have to completely unfold the device.

Next up, we have a rollable AMOLED panel which is basically just a sheet of display that can be rolled in a 7mm radius. It has on-cell technology with a self-lamination feature that makes it flexible enough to roll. Anyways, it is still an early prototype and would take some time to implement it into a final product.

As per GizChina, there are currently four commercially available foldable smartphones available in the market i.e. Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy W20 5G (rebranded), Motorola Razr, and Huawei Mate X 5G that should put Visionox clamshell-like prototype on the fifth although it depends upon when the company decides to roll it out and could slide to the sixth or seventh position by then. More

By Aadil Raval  https://true-tech.net/