Westcoast strikes partnership with Royole

The partnership will enable Royole to grow in Europe

Westcoast strikes partnership with Royole
Westcoast strikes partnership with Royole

Westcoast has confirmed that it has struck a partnership with flexible technology specialist Royole.

Royole specialise in manufacturing an array of flexible displays, flexible sensors and smart devices.

Distributor Westcoast will supply Royole’s products to its customer base, as Royole look to expand its reach in Europe.

Royole general manager for Europe Harold Cobben has said the partnership will help the company to grow.

Cobben said: “There are many exciting developments on the horizon for Royole, and this partnership will enable us to expand our offering across a vast customer network, allowing a larger pool of customers to enjoy our innovative products.”

Westcoast accessories commercial director Ashley Watts added: “To be working alongside one of the most exciting, innovative and advanced technology manufacturers out there is a real privilege – and an opportunity to give our customers the competitive edge.”

Royole was founded in 2012 by Stanford engineering graduates and has received numerous global awards for its technological innovations. More

By Paul Lipscombe www.mobilenewscwp.co.uk