What next for Apple’s iPhone?

Apple's New iPhone Features Face Massive Delay

What next for Apple’s iPhone?
What next for Apple’s iPhone?

How can Tim Cook and his team break new ground with the iOS-powered smartphone? What advances will sell the next-generation handsets? As Christmas approaches and sales of the 2018 iPhone do not appear to be meeting expectations, is there a silver bullet on the horizon?

Unfortunately not.

5G is expected to be one of the key features in high-end smartphones during 2019 with a number of handsets expected to launch in the first half of the year. Within the next six months UK network EE is expected to carry OnePlus’ first 5G device, while Verizon is working with Samsung to launch a 5G Galaxy smartphone.

Apple is not expected to have a 5G iPhone ready for 2019. If Tim Cook wants the Apple to be seen as staying at the cutting edge of mobile technology, then the September 2019 handset launch is the place to do so. 

But as I’ve previously noted here on Forbes, Apple is relying on Intel for its modems, and the 5G enabled 8161 is not going to be ready in time. Either Apple upends its supply chain, disrupts the product and upgrade cycle, or hopes that it can sneak through to September 2020 before launching a 5G handset.

Then there’s a new way of looking at biometric security. 2017’s iPhone X introduced facial recognition and authentication not he iPhone with FaceID, but as part of the design of the iPhone X, the home button was removed and Apple decided that the TouchID fingerprint sensor would not be relocated. More

By Ewan Spence  Forbes