What the Tech? CES Day 3: Foldable phone

In the works for years, Royale announced the flex technology at last year's CES.

Royole FlexPai New on sale
Royole FlexPai New on sale

Of all the gadgets around CES, this is what everyone is talking about.

It’s a new tablet on sale right now in China that folds into a smartphone.

“This is the FlexPai phone,” a Royole spokesperson said.

In the works for years, Royale announced the flex technology at last year’s CES. The screens are thin enough to bend without breaking, and just as important, to bend back.

“We have rated this phone at 200,000 folds and bends,” a Royole spokesperson explained. “It didn’t even fail at that point, we just said ‘okay, that’s the lifetime of a phone.'”

Dozens of media members from around the world crowded around the FlexPai like they did the first iPhone. A table where the phones are displayed is almost always two deep with curious onlookers.

“For sure, this is going to be some kind of trend in the near future,” a CES participant said.

“This is probably just the beginning,” another CES participant said. “I think it’s pretty impressive to be able to take a large screen and fold it up in your pocket. That’s revolutionary.”

“The flexible sensor technology can find its way into any aspect of our lives. We’ve put it into lamps, smart speakers,” a Royole spokesperson said.

And Hats, t-shirts, purses.

“This is going to start a whole new era in cellphone technology,” the spokesperson added.

Every year at CES I see gimmicks that never go on the market for us to buy. This isn’t a gimmick, it’s for sale right now in China, and sometime soon, we’ll be able to buy one in the US. More

By Jamey Tucker wrcbtv.com