What to expect at MWC 2019

Flagship, foldable and 5G phones.

MWC 2019 foldable phones
MWC 2019 foldable phones

There’s always plenty of news from MWC, and it’s either entirely expected or word gets out early.

This year is shaping up to be slightly different, though, as companies are preparing their version of the future of smartphones. From foldable designs to 5G and more, this year’s Mobile World Congress won’t only be jam-packed with news, but it should also be exciting once again.null

Foldable phones

Huawei foldable phone

Motorola may not be ready to discuss its foldable phone yet, but other companies certainly have their affairs in order. We already know what Samsung’s device looks like, at least in its current form, and LG has plans to make a folding phone of its own.

At this point, it’s unclear if LG will divulge anything at MWC or show off a device. Xiaomi also teased a foldable design a while back, and its fold-back edges make it one of the more unique items we’ve seen thus far. But again, there’s no clear indication we’ll see it on stage next week.

China’s Oppo also hasn’t been shy about its foldable phone plans, and it went so far as to promise an early 2019 reveal. We’ve reached that time and if Oppo wants to make some noise in Barcelona, the official announcement of a folding handset would certainly do that. The only foldable phone we know for sure we’ll be seeing during the show is from Huawei, and that’s because the company wanted to start the hype machine by plastering the device all over the invite to its press event.

However, that’s really all we know about the thing: that it will most likely be on display at MWC. More


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