What’s LG up to, and 10 more things you need to know in tech today

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LG V60 ThinQ
LG V60 ThinQ

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1. LG release announcement video for a new smartphone, and this better be good

The next big tech show, after Samsung’s Unpacked event tomorrow in NYC, is IFA 2019, here in Berlin, from September 6 – 11. (I just got my media badge, and I’m excited to be bringing DGiT Daily to you from the show floor. Anyway!)

And despite the conference being a month away, LG has dropped an announcement video on YouTubeahead of time, offering a fun 8-bit style sneak peek at what’s coming – and it’s clear the second screen concept is going further.

LG clip of IFA announcement
  • The full clip shows a little game on a smartphone-shaped screen, where a character moves around to gain items shaped like a camera and gamepad.
  • Then, the second screen opens up to take the character to IFA, with a date set for 10:00, Friday, September 6, 2019.

So what does this mean? 

  • It is about the time of year we expect LG to unveil a new flagship, so the next LG V series would fit the bill – likely the LG V60 ThinQ, based on naming conventions, but that’s just a guess for now.
  • It’s also expected that it will be 5G capable.
  • Really, the interest is in this second screen attachment though.
  • We have to think it’s not a foldable display, as per the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X.
  • But it’s a pseudo-fold, perhaps with a fresh and enhanced second screen attachment option that we saw with the LG V50 at MWC 2019 – below:
LG V50 with second screen
  • We’re going to give LG the benefit of the doubt here. It could just be a gimmick, and really, LG needs to work on its camera to make people pay attention.
  • Buuuut an announcement this early, and much more than just a private email invite to press contacts, something this widely shared to the public, might mean LG has something more to show us? We urge, nay, insist?
  • At least LG is up to something, and it’s entirely likely the next flagship will still have a headphone jack.


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