You can’t even buy the Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone yet and Samsung is already teasing a better foldable phone

Samsung's second foldable phone will be the Galaxy W20 5G, a "flip phone

Samsung W20 5G
Samsung W20 5G

The Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone failed to give Samsung the triumph in wanted this year. Making foldable phones is no easy feat and Samsung has been teasing these devices for years, to the point where everyone following the business was expecting the Korean giant to be at the forefront of foldable phone innovation.

By Chris Smith 

Samsung was also the first major smartphone vendor to unveil a foldable phone. Sadly, for the Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone , it was also the first company to have to deal with the harsh reality of actually making a durable folding phone.

The Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone is now five months behind schedule and it’s finally being released during the worst possible time of the year. New iPhones arrive every September, followed by a slew of high-end Android handsets.

The Galaxy Fold, with its sky-high price tag, doesn’t seem to belong in this crowd. Samsung needs this win though; it needs to be able to tell the world that it fixed and shipped its first foldable device, so it can then begin to focus on the next-gen foldables. Incredibly, however, it looks like Samsung couldn’t even wait that long to move on.

Long-time Samsung insider Ice Universe posted the following image on twitter, which teases a Samsung W20 5G device that appears to be a foldable handset:

Ice universe@UniverseIce

Samsung’s second foldable phone will be the Galaxy W20 5G, a “flip phone.”
Someone caught its preheating poster at the exhibition.

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We don’t have a better image for you at this time and it’s unclear what this W20 is, or why Samsung would advertise it already. But it sure looks like a foldable phone.

Last year, Samsung soft-launched the Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone during the company’s early November developer conference. But Samsung never showed the phone’s full design or revealed its name.

It’s one thing to give such treatment to a first-gen device intended to kick off a foldable revolution, but quite another to do it every year. Therefore, it’s too early to tell whether Samsung will unveil the Fold 2 later this fall. More

By Chris Smith